Author: atom0s

Adds Lua scripting support to Ashita in the form of state-separated environments per script known as addons. Addons have [nearly] full access to the Ashita Development Kit (ADK) interfaces as well as other custom exposed tables implementing other helpful functionalities.

For more information on how to create addons, visit the Developers section of this documentation.

The Addons plugin makes use of Lua 5.1. Ashita does not alter the Lua language at all, it is stock Lua 5.1 with a few extensions to add some features, but there are no non-standard Lua language changes done to the core. Included extensions are: bitop, lpack, lstruct, luasocket


  • Event based scripting so addons can react to events, such as when the graphics device is rendering or a keyboard key is pressed.
  • Access to the games memory. (Read/Write/etc.)
  • Access to the games graphics devices. (IDirect3D8/IDirect3DDevice8/etc.)
  • Access to Ashita’s in-game UI system.
  • Access to files/folders on the system.
  • And more!




/addon load <name>
/addon unload <name>
/addon reload <name>
/addon unloadall
/addon list
/addon exec <name> <cmd>
  • Loads an addon by its name.
  • Unloads an addon by its name.
  • Reloads an addon by its name.
  • Unloads all loaded addons.
  • Lists all loaded addons. (Includes memory usage info and addon status.)
  • Executes a Lua string within an addons state.